The objective of the Logistics Bureau is to ensure that all apparatus and facilities are well maintained and that all of our personnel are properly and safely attired. This objective is based on guidelines determined by various National Fire Protection Association Standards.

In order to meet this objective, the Logistics Bureau has the responsibility for capital assets and material control of inventory. The duties of the Logistics Bureau are as follows:

  • Supervises the work of the various maintenance personnel assigned to the Bureau
  • Manages inventory of fixed assets and mobile equipment
  • Research and development of new equipment
  • Prepares specifications for station furnishings, personal protective equipment and clothing
  • Coordinates with City Of Birmingham maintenance departments on station maintenance and repair
  • Liaison with architects, contractors and suppliers on construction and renovation projects
  • Coordinates the scheduling, requisitioning and delivery of station supplies.
  • Arranges the disposal of surplus, damage or obsolete equipment and materials.