Emergency Medical Services

Phone: 205-254-2992; for emergencies 911

The Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Department has statutory responsibility for provision of Emergency Medical Services within the City of Birmingham. The Emergency Medical Services Division ensures that the BFRS maintains a constant state of readiness to provide Basic or Advanced Life Support to persons in need of emergent care. They are also responsible for providing EMS coverage at mass gathering events including festivals, sports, and racing.

EMS Division Staff are responsible for ordering medical supplies and equipment, maintaining patient care reports, writing equipment specifications, ambulance service billing and filing insurance claims. An important component of the Division’s work process relates to Quality Assurance. One hundred percent of the patient care reports are reviewed for completeness and compliance.

BFRS EMS Division Staff are an integral part of the metropolitan area’s EMS System; participating in committees dealing with Trauma, Stroke, EMS Education, and regulatory issues. A close working relationship with the BFRS Training/Safety Division ensures that all BFRS personnel receive annual continuing education in EMS topics as well as training on any new procedures or equipment that may be introduced.

If you have questions about transport billing please call: (205) 254-2760.