“Get Alarmed”

smoke-alarmNational statistics provided by the Federal Fire Administration indicate that every two and a half hours someone is killed in a home fire. Another 20,000 people are injured in home fires each year.

In Alabama, half of all fire-related deaths occur in the Greater Birmingham area. In addition, Alabama leads the Southeast region in fire deaths.

Protecting your family from fire requires advance planning, which includes the use of smoke detectors to provide early warning of fire.

Smoke Alarms and You
One of the most important fire-safety devices for the home is the self-contained smoke detector. Several studies have concluded that smoke detectors cut in half a person’s chance of dying in a fire.

How Many Smoke Detectors Do I Need In My Home?
The primary job of your smoke detector is to alert your family of a fire, especially when they are fast asleep. That’s why at least one smoke alarm should be installed near bedrooms. Homes with an upstairs and downstairs need an alarm on each floor.

What Kind of Smoke Detector Should I Get?
There are two types of home smoke alarms available: photoelectric and ionization types. The photoelectric type reacts faster to smoldering fires and is less likely to react to cooking vapors. The ionization type reacts faster to open, flaming fires and is usually your lesser expensive option. Both provide good protection and can be used without worry.

Request a Smoke Alarm
If you are a citizen of Birmingham and you would like more information about smoke alarms, or you would like to receive a “free” working smoke alarm, please contact the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau at 250-7540 or call the Department’s Public Education Bureau at 785-1332.