Chaplain’s Corps

Birmingham fire rescue service fire chaplains will offer spiritual guidance and assistance to meet the life needs help all department personnel, both uniformed and civilian, and their families while maintaining strict confidentiality. This allows the department to provide assistance utilizing a non-judgmental approach while offering a feeling worried or counsel or encouragement when needed the five chaplains bring genuine compassion flexibility and sensitivity to the services provided.

The Chaplains will:

  • Assist firefighters through a field service ministry when needed
  • Provide comfort to personnel in times of personal crisis
  • Provide Critical Incident Stress Debriefing to personnel after stressful events, as needed

The services of the Chaplains are available on the basis of need and desire.  Chaplains are not intended to replace the individual’s own clergy nor do they wish to replace the individual’s clergy.

Qualified fire chaplains must:

  • Be ordained or licensed as clergy in good standing with a recognized denomination
  • Show compassion, understanding, and love for all and relate easily to people
  • Maintain the highest spiritual and moral standards
  • Manifest a broad base of experience and professional maturity
  • Be tactful and considerate in their approach to all people regardless of race creed or religion; regardless of rank, status, or position.

All fire chaplains are appointed by the Fire Chief and report directly to the Fire Chief.