Meet the Chief

Fire Chief Cory D. Moon


Cory D. Moon is the Fire Chief for the City of Birmingham, Alabama. Chief Moon leads the largest Fire Department in the State of Alabama, commanding approximately 700 personnel and 32 Fire Stations with an annual operating budget of $78,047,111. BFRS responds to over 74,000 emergency incidents annually. He is ultimately responsible for providing fire suppression, emergency medical, special operations, public education and fire prevention services to over 211,000 citizens.


Chief Moon joined the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service on March 26, 2001 where he rose through the ranks. In a 7-year period, he went from Firefighter / EMT to Fire Chief which is the fastest rise through the ranks in the modern history of Birmingham Fire & Rescue Service. He has served the department as a Firefighter / EMT, Lieutenant (promoted 2012), Captain (promoted 2015), Battalion Chief (promoted 2017), and now as the Fire Chief (appointed by the Honorable Mayor Randall L. Woodfin October 2019). In these leadership roles, he has served as the Chief of Training and Safety, Battalion Chief in Operations, Department Safety Officer, Technical Rescue Team Leader, and Recruit School Instructor. Chief Moon has always been well respected by both Firefighters and Officers of the department and has become known for his balanced demeanor and mediation of issues.


Chief Moon has an Associate of Science degree with a Concentration in Fire Science, Bachelor of Science degree with a Concentration in Fire Science, and a Master of Science degree with a Concentration in Emergency Services Management. Throughout his career he has continued his education to enhance his professional knowledge, skills, and abilities. Chief Moon has received 62 Fire Service certifications.


Chief Moon is a native of Birmingham, AL. He has been happily married to Lieutenant Charnessa R. Moon since 12/12/12. This union has produced two beautiful daughters: Brooklyn R. Moon & Cali R. Moon.


Some of the many accomplishments under the leadership of Fire Chief Moon include:

Some of the accomplishments from 2020 include:

Graduated the first all paramedic recruit class in the history of Birmingham Fire & Rescue Service.
Promoted the most women Captains in the history of Birmingham Fire & Rescue Service.
Assigned the first woman in the history of BFRS to lead a Division.
Assigned the first woman in the history of BFRS to serve as Public Information Officer.
Assigned the first woman in the history of BFRS to lead Communications for BFRS.
Assigned the first woman in the history of BFRS to the Training Division.
Assigned the first woman in the history of BFRS to the Safety Division.
Most Captains promoted at one time in the history of BFRS.
Most Lieutenants promoted at one time in the history of BFRS.
Battalion 5 / Special Operations created.
Combined Public Education & Fire Prevention Divisions.
Preparation and planning for the 2022 World Games.
Assisted with bringing the 2025 Police & Fire World Games to Birmingham.
Replaced all outdated EMS equipment by getting Stryker 360 lease / purchase plan approved and funded. Deal included power load stretchers, life pack 15’s, AED’S & Lucas devices ($5,100,000.00).
Secured funding to replace outdated apparatus and vehicles.
Secured an agreement to allow personnel to roll over excess vacation time at the end of the year instead of losing that time.
Advocated to get COVID-19 leave time changed from 80 hours to 120 hours for 24-hour fire service personnel.
Advocated for hazard pay for all frontline personnel.
Reestablished 6 committees and created 6 new committees.
Reestablished Seminars & Training.
New SCBA’s for the Department placed in service.
Implemented annual SCBA Fit Testing for the first time in the history of BFRS.
Secured funding to put no smoke systems on all frontline apparatus & newly purchased apparatus.
Submitted recruitment and retention plan to the Mayor’s office for review and funding.
Secured funding to replace Station HVAC systems & bay heaters.
Advocated for Station repairs (Station roof repairs completed: Station 13, 19, 24).
Fire Station 5 construction complete.
Repairs and reopening of Fire Station 27.
Purchased new computers for all Stations.
Purchased & received webcams for all Stations.
Purchased door access system for Station 1, Station 2 & Station 6.
Issued over 171 recognitions to personnel for excellent job performance.
Updated and revised 7 Mutual Aid / Automatic Aid agreements.
Hired 44 personnel.
Promoted 78 personnel: 8 Battalion Chiefs, 26 Captains, 43 Lieutenants, 1 Inspector II.
Implemented video-based meetings.
Worked with HR to create a city wide Sick / Vacation Leave Bank.
Started the process of revising over 100 BFRS policies.
Started the process to develop the first BFRS strategic plan since 1999 (Entered into a MOU with UAB).
Conducted weekly Department wide meetings at all levels for the first time in the history of the Department.
Purchased Carbon Monoxide detectors for all frontline apparatus.
Purchased 3M half mask respirators for all frontline personnel.
Purchased silver Sergeant chevron collar insignias for all Apparatus Operators.
3,545 Inspections conducted.
Created and implemented a UAS (Drone) program.
Started sharing annual incidents report with the public to highlight and educate the public about the number of incidents that BFRS responds to.
Developed a pamphlet to educate the citizens about when to call 911.
Coat & bike drive conducted (100 bikes & 100 coats given to residents)
Fire extinguishers distributed to Birmingham residents.
Mandated Critical Incident Stress Debriefings for all personnel- For all incidents involving fire fatalities or deaths involving children.

Some of the accomplishments from 2021 include:

Purchased 13 new apparatus: 9 new Engines, 2 new Heavy Rescue MVP’s, 1 new Ladder Truck, & 1 new Air Unit ($8,991,188.01)
BLS transport implemented.
2 new BLS Units purchased.
150 laptops purchased ($398,353.95).
HVAC equipment purchased ($215,875.00).
Station improvement funding secured ($206,702.88).
Awarded with an AFG Grant in the amount of ($71,770.71).
150 sets of new turnout gear purchased.
Medical Director position implemented and hired.
Station security cameras plan funding secured ($8,394.50 per month).
No Smoke systems installed on all frontline apparatus.
World Games equipment funding secured ($824,420.35).
AO position changed to AO / Sergeant.
AO’s / Sergeant’s promoted for the 1st time in over 3 years.
Streamlined the promotional process.
Navigated the City & Department through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Advocated for and received approval to pay personnel for excess vacation time at the end of the year instead of losing that time.
Stryker power load system installation completed on all frontline Rescue Units.
Mental Health training classes conducted for the Department.
Airphone security systems installed (Station 1, Station 2 & Station 6).
Station renovation plan continued (Station 19, Station 21, Station 6, Station 29).
Recruitment & retention flyer developed.
Customer service survey developed.
New Water Rescue PPE purchased for the Department.
2 New Zodiac inflatable boats purchased.
Service pins purchased and issued to all personnel with 5,10,15,20,25,30,35 years of service.
Replaced EMS equipment bags on all apparatus.
Implemented Lexipol policy updating / policy training platform for the Department.
Promoted 59 personnel: 4 Battalion Chiefs, 13 Captains, 23 Lieutenants, 19 AO / Sergeants.
Hired 53 personnel June 2021.
Hired 60 personnel September 2021.
Paramedic longevity / retention plan approved and funded ($5000.00 per year for Paramedics assigned to a Rescue Unit).

Some of the accomplishments from 2022 include:

Successfully managed the largest event in the history of Birmingham, AL, World Games 2022.
Secured the largest budget in the history of Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service ($78,047,111.00).
Recruitment & Retention planed passed and funded ($800,000.00 per year).
Secured an additional $1,124,066.00 from the City’s American Rescue Plan Act funds and provided a $2000.00 retention bonus to BFRS sworn personnel.
Thermal imagers purchased and distributed to all Stations and each position on the apparatus.
5% Technical Rescue incentive implemented after being promised for over 22 years.
Video Laryngoscopes purchased and distributed to all Rescue Units.
ESO software purchased and implemented ($425,835.70).
Wildland Firefighting PPE purchased and distributed to Brush Truck Stations.
Security cameras installed at all Fire Stations.
Purchased EMS equipment / supplies vending machines.
Hired the 1st woman PC Technician in the history of BFRS.
Secured 10 paramedic school scholarships per year for BFRS personnel.
Promoted 23 personnel: 7 Lieutenants, 16 AO / Sergeants.
Hired 40 personnel June 2022.
Hired 44 personnel October 2022.
Awarded with an AFG Grant in the amount of ($217,236.36).
Purchased 8 PPE extractors & 8 PPE dryers as part of our cancer reduction initiative.
Purchased SimsUshare virtual incident command training software ($5,500.00 per year).
9 new Fire Engines placed in service.
2 new Heavy Rescue MVP’s placed in service (Squad 1 & Squad 10).
Purchased 7 Task Force Tips portable Firefighter gross decontamination systems as a part of our cancer reduction initiative.
New furniture purchased for the following Stations: 3, 7, 9, 12, 13, 17, 21, 23, 24, 28, 29. ($64,034.96).