The Operations Division is responsible for the management of all emergency services provided to the citizens of the City of Birmingham. Services are provided through the actions of 648 sworn positions operating 4- Battalions, 27- Engine/Pumper companies, 3-Quint/Aerial companies, 2-Truck/Aerial companies, 2-Hazardous Materials Response units, 3-Technical Rescue Response units, 18-Adavnced Life Support Transport units, responding from 30-Fire Stations strategically located throughout the city. Our average call volume exceeds 50,000 calls which equates to emergency services being provided to approximately 1 in 4 citizens, or nearly 25% of the population.

To provide the highest level of service, incident data must be constantly be monitored and the operational platform adjusted to meet the needs of the citizens. Resources are can be reallocated based on incident response data to better serve the citizens. Recognizing the majority service type requested was emergency medical services and that Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service is the sole provider of this service, 2-Advanced Life Support transport units were added to the operations division. To ensure operations at fire incidents provided rapid reliable service and striving to meet the best practice methods of modern fire suppression, 1- Quint/Aerial company was added to the Operations Division.

In addition to providing emergency services, the Operations Division actively participates daily in community service through neighborhood association meetings, public education displays of apparatus and equipment, distribution of smoke alarms, pre-incident planning, blood pressure screenings, and positively interacting with the public at every opportunity.